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The book of Ecclesiastes is an interesting work by Solomon. By the time you get through the first chapter you are depressed! Everything is empty says he. You really have to read the whole book to understand where Solomon is coming from and where he wants to take your thoughts.

Solomon was David’s son and succeeded David as King in Israel. Because Solomon asked God for wisdom and not riches or victory over his enemies, God grants his request for wisdom. God also gives him riches and victory over his enemies. I recently read through this book and thought about something.

We believe that wisdom is very important and rightly so. We think if we can just understand something better then we could do more. There’s no argument that wisdom is needed but let’s take a look at Solomon.

Why doesn’t Solomon use the wisdom God gave him and not get so caught up in sin? Solomon had a great start in his reign as king but he finished poorly. Why didn’t his wisdom make more spiritual difference in his life?

Being wise does not mean you stay out of trouble, it just means you know better, but you choose to do wrong. Nobody can convince me Solomon didn’t see real trouble when he married all those women! But Solomon had a problem, he liked women too much. (I Kings 11:1-13)

The Book of Ecclesiastes seems to be expressing a real battle in Solomon’s heart. What is the real purpose in life? Although Solomon had everything he could want or dream of he found no lasting satisfaction. That’s the nature of sin. It always promises more than it can deliver and cost more than we want to pay. The next great experience, or achievement, or title will make us feel whole.

Sin digs a hole in our heart nothing can fill…for long. Why do we keep going back to the pig trough expecting to find a gourmet meal?

In Ecclesiastes Solomon begins to whittle down all the activities man finds to do. It’s good to work hard and enjoy the work of your hand, but you’re going to die and leave all your hard work to someone who will not appreciate it like you did. Enjoy it while you can but don’t get so wrapped up in your works that you neglect God.

Solomon says to make a friend even two friends ‘cause you will need them and they will need you.
There is a time for everything, whether you’re ready or not so live for God.
Life entails so many activities, all consume time, energy, emotion, in essence our life. Today is almost gone. Are you involved in matters which have eternal significance? Enjoy your life but not at the expense of putting God on the shelf. Don’t let your ambition lead you away from God…this is called sin and we will give account of our lives to God.

I wonder when Solomon realized he was straying from God. Was it when he married his first wife…an Egyptian? That was a glaring sin before God. Somewhere Solomon had to decide not to follow what he knew was right to experience what he knew was wrong. All the wisdom in the world will not cause us to do right, Solomon proved this. If you are doing what you know is wrong, then chose to deny your heart by being in charge of yourself. Tell yourself no. Easier said than done but well worth learning to do.