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​There never seems to be an end to opinions. I reckon this article is considered an opinion, but at least you have a choice to read it or not. What is both fascinating and troubling is the amount of opinion that is passed off as being factual. I don’t care what news source you listen to, 90% of what you will hear is what a commentator thinks about something. Very few people can have an original thought. I could really go off on this but I think we recognize how all our media sources seek to deliver their own narratives, only telling us the parts of the stories that they can use to the furthering of their causes.

We need truth and we need it quick.

Do you want a great example, good cause here it is. Transgenderism. Gender is not an opinion. Now folks here is some truth, scientific and undeniable. Men have a certain number of chromosomes and women have a certain number of chromosomes. There is no problem defining gender. You give me a chalk board and a piece of chalk, I can give you enough information in about 30 seconds to answer the question for anybody. You get a certain number of Chromosomes, you look like A, and you get the other number of chromosomes you look like B. Yet our culture facilitates that you can change your gender. Undeniably transgenderism is a mental disorder and there is real hope for those who become confused, but playing along with them is not the answer.

The Bible is the truth. Some have told me, well that is your opinion. I don’t think truth is an opinion. People will argue that my trust in God is an opinion. I believe it’s much more but I can’t prove it, no one can, except God, which He will do one day. His word tells us that every knee shall bow and tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the father. II Corinthians 13:8 “for we can do nothing against the truth, but for the truth”.

We have truth and we can know the truth, quickly.

God needs some men and women, some boys and some girls who will trust Him. Young and old who will stand for truth and live out truth. The problem is many of us do not want to give up what living by truth requires. We have bought into a false narrative that we can have everything we want and still follow God. What does the word of God have to say about this? If you have been a Christian for more than a year and you can’t explain from scripture the answer, then shame on you. We have truth and we must begin to know and live truth out in our lives. Here is the thing about living by truth, living by truth builds our confidence in God. I can chart very clearly when a Christian begins to wean from living by truth. Their confidence in God begins to regress. Their attendance in church drops off, their life gets busy with other things, their bible study becomes none existence, and their prayer life becomes lifeless. Spiritual doubts begin to grow in their hearts, and sin becomes more and more attractive.

This may sound impossible but I assure you it’s not. If we do not determine to know and follow truth someday some yahoo will have us convinced something is true that is obviously not true. Like you can change your gender. And even if we are not convinced, we will play along to get along. What would your great grandpa say about how our generation has accepted transgenderism? I imagine he would shake his head and ask, how in the world did you come to believe that?

This is not about transgenderism. There is genuine confusion for some on this issue, like there is confusion on many things. We need a secure source of information. A proven source, fit for everyone and every situation. Jesus is the only source and He is more than enough. Come to Him or if you have left Him following someone else’s opinion, then return to Him.

One day, I woke early in the morning to watch the sunrise. Ah the beauty of God’s creation is beyond description. As I watched, I praised God for His beautiful work. As I sat there, I felt the Lord’s presence with me. He asked me, “Do you love me?”
I answered, “Of course, God! You are my Lord and Saviour!”

Then He asked, “If you were physically handicapped, would you still love me?”
I was perplexed. I looked down upon my arms, legs and the rest of my body and wondered how many things I wouldn’t; be able to do, the things that I took for granted. And I answered, “It would be tough Lord, but I would still love You.”

Then the Lord said, “If you were blind, would you still love my creation?” How could I love something without being able to see it? Then I thought of all the blind people in the world and how many of them still loved God and His creation.
So I answered, “Its hard to think of it, but I would still love Your creation.”

The Lord then asked me, “If you were deaf, would you still listen to my word?” How could I listen to anything being deaf?
Then I understood. Listening to God’s Word is not merely using our ears, but our hearts.
​I answered, “It would be tough, but I would still listen to Your word.”

The Lord then asked, “If you were mute, would you still praise My Name?”
How could I praise without a voice? Then it occurred to me: God wants us to sing from our very heart and soul. It never matters what we sound like. And praising God is not always with a song, but when we are persecuted, we give God praise with our words of thanks.
​So I answered, “Though I could not physically sing, I would still praise Your Name.”

And the Lord asked, “Do you really love Me?”
​With courage and a strong conviction, I answered boldly, “Yes Lord! I love You because You are the one and true God!”
I thought I had answered well, but God asked, “THEN WHY DO YOU SIN?”

I answered, “Because I am only human. I am not perfect.”


No answers. Only tears.
The Lord continued: “Why only sing at fellowships and retreats? Why seek Me only in times of worship? Why ask things so selfishly? Why ask things so unfaithfully?”
​The tears continued to roll down my cheeks.

“Why are you ashamed of Me? Why are you not spreading the good news? Why in times of persecution, you cry to others when I offer My shoulder to cry on? Why make excuses when I give you opportunities to serve in My Name?”
I tried to answer, but there was no answer to give.

“You are blessed with life. I made you not to throw this gift away. I have blessed you with talents to serve Me, but you continue to turn away. I have revealed My Word to you, but you do not gain in knowledge. I have spoken to you but your ears were closed. I have shown My blessings to you, but your eyes were turned away. I have sent you servants, but you sat idly by as they were pushed away. I have heard your prayers and I have answered them all.”


I could not answer. How could I? I was embarrassed beyond belief. I had no excuse. What could I say to this? My heart had cried out and the tears had flowed, I said, Please forgive me Lord. I am unworthy to be Your child.”

The Lord answered, ” That is My Grace, My child.”

I asked, ” Then why do you continue to forgive me? Why do You love me so?”
The Lord answered, “Because you are My creation. You are my child. I will never abandon you. When you cry, I will have compassion and cry with you. When you shout with joy, I will laugh with you. When you are down, I will encourage you. When you fall, I will raise you up. When you are tired, I will carry you. I will be with you till the end of days, and I will love you forever.”
Never had I cried so hard before. How could I have been so cold? How could I have hurt God as I had done?

I asked God, “How much do You love me?”
The Lord stretched out His arms, and I saw His nail-pierced hands. I bowed down at the feet of Christ, my Saviour. And for the first time, I truly prayed.

Author Unknown.

"For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved." John 3:16-17