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"to prepare God's people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up until we all reach unity in the faith and in the knowledge of the Son of God and become mature, attaining to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ."  Ephesians 4:12-13
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The past few weeks I have spent considerable time in the Letter of James. Those of you who have attended services know this because I have been preaching from this letter. James’ words are very practical for anyone who deeply desires to know and do the will of God. James’ letter has no fluff. Maybe to use a term we are familiar with, I could say James does not spin the truth in his letter.

In our current world it seems everything gets spun to suit our own agenda. I really dislike commercials! They promise the world if you only buy their product. My thought is if Bosley hair care products actually worked they would be able to afford a new commercial! James tells it like it is. Commercials are targeted to get us to purchase their product once. They want the quick profit. I have found really good products which deliver what they promise, do not need a lot of advertisement because when something works, word of mouth takes over. That’s the best kind of promotion. When a consumer tells another friend a product worked well for them, more than likely the friend will try the product.

The word of God is spread this way also. When you and I share how the word of God is changing our lives, it’s the best promotion there is for the Kingdom.

In James 1:6 James instructs us on the matter of understanding trials in our lives. Just to give a brief background to this verse, James begins his letter explaining how God uses trials in our lives to make us completely whole, lacking nothing. Trials are great sermon illustrations but experiencing trials is neither simple nor fun. James wants us to understand the purpose of trials so we will learn to endure. Through endurance we are made whole, lacking nothing.

Certainly when we are experiencing a trial we want to know why. We may not immediately comprehend what God is up to. James instructs us to ask God why but to ask in faith. What does it mean to ask in faith? Faith is complete trust in God. Faith does not require a full disclosure from God. If God came to each of us and said tomorrow at noon such and such trial will enter your life. This trial will last for a duration of two years in your life. Here is the reason for the trial and here is the lesson I want you to learn. Don’t worry about a thing, I will be in charge the whole time and when this trial has ended you will be more like me. How much faith would this require…very little. Faith continues to trust and obey God even when we do not understand, like, or agree with God.

To ask in faith is to ask while continuing to be faithful. We don’t stop being faithful because some trial has come along. If we do, then we have failed. We learn to follow God by struggling through a trail. I have known folks through the years who would come to church, get excited about learning the Bible, and want to get involved in some ministry as long as life was going good but let an obstacle (a trial) arise and soon their zeal was gone. I have known others who because of a trial would come to church, work hard at becoming faithful, until the trial was over. Once the trial was over their focus on being faithful would begin to wane, before long they reverted back to old lifestyles. Praise God though there are also others who endure trials and come out on the other side with a great testimony for God, a more complete understanding of God and how He works, and a more mature faith. Trials and temptations do work for God’s purposes if we will remain faithful through the trial.

Everyone is facing trials so let’s make the most of them by being faithful! If you are being unfaithful right now, will you change what needs changing? If you are being faithful, hang in there! Remember God is making you whole and complete, lacking nothing!

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